1. Experimental

    REVERIE - Short Film

    Directed & Written By Brian Bowers

    Co-Produced by Brian Bowers, Miguel Angel Camayo, and Valeria Martinez

    Driven by choreographed movement, original music, and sound, REVERIE is an experimental visual narrative that seeks to question, probe, and explore. An ensemble dance cast guides us through the introspective inner dialogue that an emerging artist is having, with time itself.

    Is it true, what they say, that life is but a dream?

Director’s statement

Brian Bowers

Time is a constant variable. It is both my anchor and a relentless preceptor. It occupies my mind as an unreliable narrator of the past, and an ever-shifting reflection of where we are right now in any given moment. I made a bold decision to translate REVERIE, with subtitles and closed captions in 14 languages, personally working with each translator line, by line. I wanted to create something universal, authentic and true — not achieve cinematic perfection. That mountain is too high to climb. REVERIE was birthed from a desire to use film as a medium to explore the thin, dimly lit veils of consciousness, reality, and altered states.

Dream states. Consciousness. Reality. Exploring the veils between dream states, consciousness, and reality, and how we negotiate this exploration with time — this is the heart of REVERIE.


Behind the scenes

I am not an island unto myself. Yet I am constantly swimming in a sea of memories, in search of unknown shores. And in that search, we found a fantastic team of collaborators — both near and far.

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