Andrea Howden


Valentina Carranza

as 'The Present' - Esperanzada


as 'The Past' - Tentadora


as 'The Future' - Incierta

Direction & Production

Brian bowers

Executive Director, Producer, Writer, & Composer; Co-Choreography

Miguel Camayo

Co-Producer; Director of Movement & Choreography, Lead Editor

Valeria Martinez

Co-Producer; Director of Cinematography & Photography, Wardrobe & Styling

Keetria Garner-Chambers

Creative Planning & Ideation

Production Crew

Camilo Barera

Camera Operator I

Santiago Silva

Camera Operator II

Matteo Marson

Post-Production Stabilization

Anibal Castano

Post-Production Colorization

don eim

Videographer & Photographer I

Gabriela Ducara

Videographer & Photographer II

Sound & Music

Brian Bowers

Composer, Director of Sound & Music

Brian Losch

Lead Sound Engineer

Mario Ayala Urias

Lead Sound Designer

Francesca Federico




Yonnie Dror


Country of Origin: United States of America

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